Incredible edible

Incredible Edible is now a phrase that you could find labeling projects around the world, but the first one was in a small town called Todmorden…

Incredible Edible grow food around the town in public places for anyone to take and eat. Usually the group doesn’t ask permission but simply finds an area that is derelict, or unloved and plants it up. Gardening without permission is known as Guerrilla Gardening. Incredible Edible Todmorden has really put the town on the map, leading to thousands of visitors a year from around the world for ‘vegetable tourism’. The group asks for donations for tours and to give you an idea of the scale of their success, last year, after they had taken all the money they needed for the project and to expand, they had £10,000 left over which they donated to other community projects. Every single one of them is a volunteer and has signed an agreement that they will receive no personal benefit from the project.


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