The Buzz Tour was a four month walking tour the length and breadth of England visiting people protecting the environment.

bee croppedDuring summer 2014 the route took us to visit over a hundred inspiring people and projects the length of England. From permaculture farms to divestment campaigns, conservation groups to direct action.

Through this website you can view interviews with these amazing people and learn about the range of things that people are doing to protect our future.

You can read some of the articles about the tour here.

Why did we do it? Interviews about the tour.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantastic idea! Can you find a way not to start north of Cornwall? we’d love to see you down here – and there are some GREAT people to meet! 🙂

  2. Hi, I love the idea of a ‘walking university’, what a fantastic concept! We have just returned from NW Ontario ourselves, and I’d love to connect about possible shared experiences, as our brief connection with First Nations communities has also had a profound effect, and having fallen in love with Canada we are constantly thinking about it! We are based in the north west near the red squirrel reserve in Formby – if you are travelling through this way on your way to Manchester, I’m sure my son’s school would love to host you, and if you need a place to stay/hot meal, we’d be more than happy to help out…best of luck with everything and hope to get in touch with you soon! Best, Natalie

    • Hey Natalie!
      thanks so much, that sounds great! We could visit the reserve and the school. It would be great to hear your experiences! I’ll drop you an email to get some more information 🙂

  3. Hi Eve,
    It was lovely to chat to you the other day in Oxford! I was really inspired by your positivity about climate change and how we can all make a difference as a community :). I would really like to join the walk and I finish the semester on the 14th of May, do you know roughly where you will all be? Good luck!

    • Hi Sara! That’s fantastic, it would be great to see you again. The timing’s are subject to change but by then we should be somewhere around Oxfordshire, so that’s great timing! We’ll update the website as we progress and we’ll have daily updates on twitter too. I’m putting together an interactive map on the website which I’ll add to as we go. Nearer the time you can also drop me and email and I’ll give you my mobile number to coordinate the last bit. Good luck with your studies! Eve

  4. I’ve just randomly come across your project today and have been devouring the stories. Great stuff and a superb idea. I’m a Guildfordian too! Just got back from travelling in South America without money and it has changed my life. Keen to undertake a similar journey to your own in the coming years.

    Thank you for the inspiration and I hope to meet you some day!

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