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In this heart warming true story, Eve decides to walk 1,300 miles to pollinate positive change…dressed as a bee and living off donations. With compassion and humour, the writers introduce us to some of the people working to change the culture not the climate.

If you would like a copy but can not afford one please email us to see if we have one for you.

An inspiring journey of the heart, body and mind.” Phil Chandler, The Barefoot Beekeeper


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A heartfelt, uplifting and important account that reminds us to slow down and take notice of the inspiring people and places that surround us every day.” Danny Chivers, author of The No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this project, with love, The Bees.  farewell from Oxford

The early drafts of chapters 1-9 are available to read online for free. We hope you enjoy the book! Thank you!

Chapter 1    Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 3.5     Chapter 4    Chapter 5    Chapter 6    Chapter 7     Chapter 8    Chapter 9

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One thought on “Buy the book

  1. met the fabulous Eve today in truly scrumptious cafe this morning . it was a strange morning with a cafe full of rugby pkayers dressed in swimwear.. then a great chat with Eve.. We look forward to seeing and hearing more …

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