Tour de Buzz meets Tour de France

By shear luck, I was passing a point in the Tour de France route before crossing the peaks to Manchester. Thankfully I was prepared for it, having watched Amelie, who compares it to her love life: “You wait for hours and it’s all over in seconds”!

The corporate sponsorship and commercialism didn’t sit well with me, but the Tour de France was originally a way for people to see the world beyond their town. My favourite part was the reclaiming of the streets from cars. Many of the normally busy roads were closed and children and adults were chalking messages on them. Cyclists were cycling the route and I was able to skip (a version of with my big pack) down the empty streets imagining a world without cars.

Ay up! Th’as like a pack o’ wippets!


To talk and rally round

Public talks are a great way to learn about an issue and find other people who care in a non-intimidating environment. A variation on talks is a rally where people gather in a public space to hear speakers and to express their view publicly.

In Manchester I went to a TTIP talk which was part of a national speakers tour. There’s something very reassuring about a room full of other people who care without anything being demanded of you.

The four speakers each had a different angle on TTIP and there were lots of information and leaflets to give you a more in-depth understanding than any newspaper would cover.

The following day as part of the National Day of Action on TTIP there was a rally in central Market Street, complete with costumes and stilt wearing ‘CEOs’.