Stroud – singing, hills, spirit and water

There are over 14 community choirs in Stroud. That’s not counting the church choirs and the ones that audition. 14!!

The energy company ecotricity began in Stroud, and water and hills are defining feature of the town. The industrial revolution came early to Stroud with wool mills but then left it again when stronger rivers to the north took the work.

Many of the people I spoke to in Stroud were aware of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner who combined spirituality with science. The impression I get of Stroud is of a higher proportion of people who acknowledge a spiritual aspect to life and are grounded in a practical activity.

The fantastic Stroud Valleys Project has an eco shop in town which I visited to learn about their work.

The Made in Stroud shop is an outlet for local crafts which supports a local economy and lower carbon emission products.






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