Creating space in Dursley

Laura sees a future for Dursley that brings the community together and puts it on the map. A process where the community comes together to create space. But creating a better future together is not just in terms of physical space, but in time as well.

Laura has two children and earlier this year took “a leap of faith” to give up her job and live on savings whilst she sets up her own business, Field Fresh, making natural skincare. She had tried to move away from the “old economy” towards the “new economy” but struggled to have the time. The gift that she’s found since creating space in her life for the business is that other things are emerging into her life too.

Transition Dursley is starting a pop-up shop to sell local people’s crafts and goods and being involved with the project is a great source of pride for Laura, as is the creation of a community permaculture garden. Laura attended a permaculture course a few years ago but now has the chance to use her skills and practice them in her community. The garden sits at the rear of a community building and is currently derelict, awaiting the volunteers who will be working on 45 small projects to transform the design into reality over the next year.

Listening to Laura’s story of change I hear a process that I’ve been hearing multiple times from people striving to create the world they wish to live in.

I had to create the space in my life then the hope could come.



One thought on “Creating space in Dursley

  1. Thank you for Laura’s story sharing her brave and inspiring decision. You finish with what strikes me as a very important, challenging and yet hopeful message… that if we can create space then hope can come. I wonder what that would look like on a larger scale?

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