Draft book layout

The layout below is to have a provisional structure to help plan and write the book. You can use it to see which chapters you or your work may be in.

Chapter 1. The idea. Miranda, Eve, Paula at the party. Preparation. The process and previous journeys. Team comes together. Kara, Sama, Miranda, Eve, Mel, Steph
Chapter 2. The practice walks. Mel, Eve, Sama, Miranda, Tom.
Chapter 3. Preparing to set off. Observing and arriving in Totnes. Totnes library and natural beekeeping. Totnes projects. Steph and Eve. (Phil)3a Setting off, visiting friends, delivering the books. Mathew, (Arthur), Steph, Eve. Education, Schumacher, forest
Chapter 4. Embercombe. [voice memo] The unexpected railway man and mid Devon, A GM detour and summit protests
Chapter 5. Willow, the levels, Glastonbury and meeting Earl
Chapter 6. (Earl) Beltane, energy co-ops, Transition Wells. (Maddie) Bristol and jamming. (Fai and Matt)
Chapter 7. Global Power Shift (Lindsay)
Chapter 8. City Farm, graffiti and self-build, leaving Bristol
Chapter 9. Dursley and singing Stroud. (Laura, Bernard, Alison) Ruskin mill, Hawkwood, canals and guns in the night
Chapter 10. Miranda and Ben join. Swiming, fire, river.
Chapter 11. Re-seeing Oxford. Divestment, (Al). Reclaiming Shakespeare (Danny). Shell out sounds. The Euro elections. Watching them leave Ox.
Chapter 12. Leaving Oxford. Sama, Sara, Vicky, Miranda.Chapter 13. Oxford to RSPB.
Chapter 14. RSPB, Gamlingay and the missing sock
Chapter 15. Approaching Cambridge. Cambridge events. (Anna) Miranda. Upton protection camp and Reclaim the Power gathering. Hitching.
Chapter 16. Cambridge hub, student action, wicken fen and national trust, Parting
Chapter 17. Kindness of strangers, Norwich, People and Planet, greenhouse, Council politics. TCV, fascism, and Song of the Whale. Stefano and Eve
Chapter 18. Permaculture and refugees
Chapter 19. Wildlife trusts, Cley, coast, tourism
Chapter 20. Intro to permaculture, farm in the flat
Chapter 21. Nottingham, critical mass, Friends of the Earth. Paula, Rowan, Eve.
Chapter 22. Sheffield, Radical Routes, shared space and enterprise. (Nicole)
Chapter 23. Exhaustion and the 3 wise monkeys
Chapter 24. The Tour de France, enabling others (Maureen). Crossing the Pennines. Manchester, bees, bubbles and friends. (Tom)
Chapter 25. Hebden bridge, Edible Todmorden, Bradford, Leeds, York. Rupert, Eve
Chapter 26. Windfarms on holiday. Green Gathering. Reclaim the Power and action.
Chapter 27. Debrief, party, bikes. Tour de Frack, York.
Chapter 28. Darlington, Durham and Ruperts accident
Chapter 29. Durham cathedral, kindness and Newcastle. Northumberland coast and wild camping, Bamborough.
Chapter 30. The Belford architects, the finish and the hitch
Chapter 31. Pollination party and what next

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