Chapter 2 – Page 9

We all felt we needed a drink and a sit down. When I went to order my cup of tea, the barman seemed very distracted.

“Sorry.” he said “I usually pick up an elderly gentleman today, but I went and he didn’t answer the door.”

“Oh dear. I do hope he’s ok, of course you’re worried.”

“I’ve left a message with his daughter to check where he is. I couldn’t get into the house, and I couldn’t see anything so I just had to get in to work.”

“That’s good of you to pick him up. I hope he’s ok.”



When we arrived back at Miranda’s house her housemates Rupert and Hannah were in. Rupert owns the house and has made it a hub. Sooner or later all the environmentalists seem to pass through it.

We took off our boot and packs and plopped unmoving into chairs in the kitchen in front of the Aga. The kettle was on within seconds.

When we had drunk our tea we started idly discussing showers. Rupert and Hannah nodded encouragement eagerly saying they thought it was a great idea. Immediately in fact. They had been able to smell us as soon as we walked into the kitchen.

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