Advice for long distance walking

If you’re thinking of doing your own long distance walk here’s a few things we learned along the way to help you. A great guide is available from Walk around Britain.

General advice

  • Get fit and practice walking in advance with your pack
  • Don’t wear cotton socks – wool or synthetic will cause less blisters
  • Take your shoes and socks off during breaks – blisters come from moisture and friction
  • Ensure your jabs are up to date (tetanus and rabies)
  • Don’t carry too much – up to 10% of your body weight is ideal but definitely not more than 20%
  • Ensure your backpack is fitted well to your torso length
  • Gradients add to the total distance walked, take this into account when calculating your routes
  • Have a 10min break for every 45-60min walking
  • Carry snacks and water, but not too much as it adds a lot of weight. In England you’re unlikely to need more than two meals worth of food at a time.


  • An hour of silence a day helps keep you sane
  • Walk in sight of each other
  • Discuss expectations
  • Remember that people and their health and safety is far more important than the distance you walk

Remember to look around and appreciate where you are, what you are doing and the wonders of our world.


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