Cycling to the Climate Talks in Paris

Buzz Tour’s Sama explains how she’s preparing to cycle to Paris and invites you to join her with Time to Cycle.

We are five weeks away from the start of the COP21, the 21st climate talks held by the UN, and my heart is bubbling. Since the first of these conferences, CO2 emissions have gone up by 63% and we are further than we ever have been from protecting the species on this planet. But in these grim times, I feel excitement.IMG_5343
During our five-day mass ride to Paris, subgroups will cycle together an average of 40 miles a day and work together.  The ride in December will be physically and mentally challenging. Training and information about the mobilisations taking place in Paris will be shared during the ride and the cyclists will arrive in teams, ready to take part in a way that suits them. The negotiations end on the 11th December, but the human affinities, challenging experiences and shared stories remain.

To avoid the rising of temperatures, we must keep fossil fuels in the ground. The bicycle is a beautiful example of how we can do this. Affordable, healthy, enjoyable and cleaner, it is a way of slowing our lives down and appreciating what is around us without having a negative impact on others.

There are still places left on the ride and deposits need to be in by the 1st November. We are encouraging everyone to get sponsored and reach out to those who are unable to come but can have their messages taken to Paris through this ride.

Find out more on www.timetocycle.orgSS852204


Time to Cycle


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