Grow food everywhere

layaAt the end of August I spent two weeks studying a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in beautiful Cumbrian countryside. Living, eating and studying with 18 other people all wanting to make the world a little better. After completing our designs, receiving our certificates and putting on a riotous evening of entertainment, we all went back out into the world. It is estimated that over a million people worldwide have now taken a Permaculture Design Course.aframe I think about the people on that course, and  all the others like it all over the world taking those ideas and trying to use them, and I like the thought very much.

I’ll be practising making permaculture designs for others over the next DSC_0125two years but the first place to start is with yourself. Since for the next year I’ll be in one place, I’ll be starting with the patio outside my door. There are quite a few foods that can be planted in the autumn so even I, without soil and with a whole lot of shade, should be able too grow things. To start with I’ll be planting welsh onions (perennial), pak choi, perpetual spinach and wild garlic.

It’s been 40 years since Permaculture began and this year the International Permaculture Convergence was in the UK. The ripple effects to the UK from having hosted this gathering should be very pleasant to watch over the next few years. Go on, grow food everywhere.



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