Buying Pollinating Change

We’ve now sold a quarter of the first print run of Pollinating Change! TBTfrontcoversmall

You can now order multiple copies of Pollinating Change from our website at a discount. You can get two copies for £18, three for £25, four for £32, five for £40 and ten for £60 (+p&p).

We have also reduced the postage costs of a single book. So if you’re looking for an inspiring gift for friends or your local social centre, we’d be delighted to send you a copy and help spread the good vibes. Do you know a shop, cafe or centre that might like to stock the book? It would be wonderful to have your help to sell the whole print run by the end of September to pay off the print costs and use the money for more cool projects!


Buzz bike film tour finishes!

campaigns-corner-JanetAfter the month long cycle tour retracing the Buzz Tour to Berwick-upon-Tweed, and two days bewildering merriment in Edinburgh festival, I gratefully left my bike behind to travel to The Green Gathering for the final film screening of the tour.

bike1Over the last month I’ve daily felt like I was coming home – revisiting places and friends all over the country. I’ve been so delighted to share the film in 15 different towns and cities and for the heartfelt impact on people who’ve come. Thank you so much to Mel, Miranda and Laura for joining me on the cycling – not being much of a cyclist the moral support was essential! After the 63 mile ride to Gamlingay, knowing that Miranda was joining the next day made it not all seeyorkcathm so painful. Another highlight for me was visiting the nature reserve on Lindisfarne which I wasn’t able to do last year because of the tides. Watching over forty seals, and countless flowers and birds, feeling like the only person on the island.

In the next few days I’ll be sending out copies of the documentary to people who donated to the crowdfund and then uploading the Buzz Tour documentary so that everyone can watch it, so look out for that to enjoy and share around.

Right, I’m off to go hang up my bike helmet for a while. A long while. Until the bike tour to Paris for the COP climate talks should just about do it.