Four days to go

2015-06-25 13.56.11

I’ve been getting to know my local bike group over the last three weeks – Guildford Bike Project – where they refurbish unwanted bikes and teach people bike repair. This is Jim who has been patiently teaching me about bike repairs that I hope I will not need. From plenty of practice fixing punctures, changing wheels, changing a gear cable and adjusting brakes. A few practice rides have been useful to see what my legs and bum will have to cope with but with only four days I’m going to have to just train as I go!

After an incident with a dismantled bike on the back seat of a borrowed car, I now also know the best way to remove a chain oil stain: rub it off with olive oil, cover with bicarbonate of soda, leave for an hour then brush it off.

This is the b2015-06-25 14.33.44ike to be my chariot for the next month, kindly donated to me by the Guildford Bike Project. She hasn’t got a name yet but with the amount I’m likely to be talking to her, I’d better get on a first name basis. Suggestions?

Several people are already cycling with me for stretches of the journey, and if you would like to join in too, please let me know. There is no limit to how many of us can cycle during the day, but for accommodation I can only have one companion at a time.



2 thoughts on “Four days to go

  1. Hi Eve, What an inspiring girl you are. I read Pollinating Change on the flight back to Canada. Wonderful reading. I’d very much like to donate to your bike tour but not sure which link to follow. I hit the donations welcome but nothing happened! Do let me know. Wishing you every success. Love Sal. PS I wish I’d known about the trick of removing bike grease about 60 years ago, most of my clothes got caught in the chain at some time!

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