Change the future

The probable consequences to our society and our species of ‘business as usual’ are not the future we want. But the processes of how we get from our present condition to a future we do want, happen one step at a time, by many feet in many places. Last week I met Luke, a co-founder of Change the Future in Brighton, which explores greater democratic, joint decision-making processes for change.

Luke went to Sands, one of only two democratic schools in the country. The individual children and teachers each have a vote on all aspects of the running of the school. It was this unusual school which was the foundation for his desire to start Change the Future. At it’s heart Change the Future is a way for people to organise collectively, adding their skills to work for positive change; this can be through online projects or a physical space such as the Wall of Ideas. The Wall of Ideas invited people to collaboratively explore how they would change Brighton.

Luke seems unfailingly constructive and positive, to him problems are there to be overcome. As we approach and pass the election, there are so many ways beyond a vote, through which we can bring democracy to life and change our future.


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