Buddhafield Festival

Eve will be visiting Buddhafield festival for the first time this year to give two climate change related workshops. The festival is from the 18th to the 22nd of July near Taunton and is an alcohol and drug free festival celebrating community and connection with the land through music, dance, crafts, yoga and meditation. There are Buddhist teachings and ritual open to everyone.

Buddhafield 2017

Buddhafield 2017 Photo Tara Green

Overcoming Fear 10am-11.15am in the Wetheuncivilized lodge. Looking at the nature of fear and techniques so that it doesn’t hold us back. The process can be applied to many areas of our lives but the examples in this workshop will be drawn from climate activism.

Change the Culture not the Climate, 10am-11am in the Social Change Area. Drawing on many of the experiences of the Buzz Tour we’ll be looking at the types of social change to protect the environment and how we might create system change.

Looking forward to it!