It’s called WHAT?

The content edits are nearly done, but what should the book be called? Company-Name-Availability

When people are searching or browsing, what will make them find this book and what will make them decide to pick it up and find out more? What about the subtitle?

Here are some of ideas so far:

  • The Buzz Tour – Changing our culture not our climate
  • Who cares about the climate? – The Buzz Tour
  • Hard boiled eggs and oatcakes – The Buzz Tour
  • The Buzz Tour – Pollinating Change
  • Tell it to the bees – The Buzz Tour

Unleash your creativity and comments upon us!

Finishing the draft book

Happy New Year! We’re in a push to get all the draft text written by the end of January. Sorry that means no more draft chapters online at the moment until we get to the editing in February. We’re up to chapter 24 so only a few more chapters to go!

If you’d like to help with the editing or write a review for a magazine when it’s done, please get in touch!

Do you have any suggestions of how we should promote the book and get it to the people who’ll want to read it?