Collaborative Buzz Book

We’ve started work on the Buzz Tour Book, but we’d like your help too! bee and book

All the people who walked on the tour are invited to write some of the book from their perspective (if you haven’t already received the link email us). All the people we visited, or anyone who wants to be involved is also invited to comment on the text as we write it and help us make it fantastic.

There will be approximately 32 chapters in the draft book (it’ll change a lot in the final edit!) and roughly every week we’ll post a draft chapter or two on the website for you to read.

We’d love it if you could help us with critical feedback, ideally constructive critical feedback, but tell it to us straight – we want the final book to be AWESOME! Don’t worry about spelling or grammar as those will get caught in the final edit, but content feedback would be rally helpful. Which bits flow well, are interesting? Where have we missed an opportunity for a joke or to share something in a better way? Which bits are dull and you wish weren’t in it? Should there be more/less description, more/less dialogue?

To help you put up comments the paragraphs are numbered, so just refer to the paragraph number in your comment, or if it’s about the whole chapter that’s great too.

I hope you enjoy reading the drafts and enjoy the process of making it better! Thank you!

The finish but not the end

berwick thumbnailThank you, for everything! 

After four months of walking, it was a massive relief and joy to complete the walk! :) You can see a video here and article that the local paper made.

THANK YOU so much to all the people who walked on the Buzz Tour, to all those who shared their stories with us, to all those who donated and all those who fed and sheltered us. Without all those pieces of kindness and support it would have literally been impossible. There is no way we could have done a journey like this without the daily grace, charity and kindness of others. You have all created something which exceeded my expectations in every way. I am so grateful and lucky to have met you all.

This weekend’s climate march in London drew people from lots of different parts of the Buzz Tour, it was so wonderful to be reunited. We’d love to see everyone again! So we’re going to throw a Pollination Party in Oxford on the 25th of October! We’ll be emailing everyone invites over the next couple of days so if you don’t hear from us please drop us an email – we haven’t forgotten you, it’s just hard to gather all the emails together.

We’ve started work on a book about all the amazing things from the Buzz Tour. If you walked along and would like to write about your experience please drop us an email – we didn’t get everyone’s email at the time. As we finish a draft chapter it’ll be posted online so that everyone can comment and help us make it fantastic. We hope to have the book finished by spring!

During the walk we took ten hours of great interviews and footage that we’d love to make in to a documentary. If you’d like to be involved get in touch!




A ghost in the machine

I’ve saved this interview until last in order to annonimise it, and for the same reason there is no video or context to how I met this woman. Last but certainly not least I’d like to tell you the story of, we’ll call her, Anna, and her work as a ghost in the machine.

Some years ago Anna found herself working for an unethical corporation, due to her skill set and the lack of available work. She became increasingly appalled at the activities of this corporation but rather than quit, or accept her own complicity in their crimes against the environment, she resolved to find ways to undermine them. Over the course of a couple of years she was able to cost the corporation a significant amount of money and slow down one of their major projects.

She found the work at times more stressful than other forms of environmental work because of it’s covert solitary nature and she has since moved on to other work, yet remains pleased with the large impact she was able to have and sees it as a very effective tactic. The work required her to be her own moral compass and motivator without receiving encouragement from other environmentalists. I remain very grateful to her for sharing this story.